Promote transformative actions towards sustainable progress

Facing the limitation of individual consciousness to solve the problems caused by the current development model, we position ourselves from a contributory, not  anthropocentric, attitude. We propose to move from a restricted consciousness to one of a universal nature.

We want to promote a regenerative proposal through transformative actions, inspired by the more than 3.800 million years of evolution found in nature which we grasp as a laboratory of ideas.

We want to foster the interrelationship between ecosystems by integrating intangible elements from a comprehensive collaborative basis and by promoting self-improvement.

We aspire to create genuine, sustainable progress, which makes the development of human consciousness compatible with the necessary satisfaction of their survival and self-fulfilment needs.

In short, we have a transformative intention from the biomimetic vision, with the will to cause a regenerative impact compatible with the continuous development of life.

We claim the fullness of emptiness as an oxymoron that explains how emptiness overflows with everything intangible that is, in truth, our ignorance.