The Institute

Non-profit foundation in the field of biomimetics

The Institute

Founded in January 2018, the Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI) is a non-profit foundation working in the emerging field of biomimetics.

Biomimetic behaviour contributes to making possible innovative solutions and, at the same time, provides affordable future ideas. It reconciles the advances of science and technology with human progress, facilitating the understanding of vital ecosystems and the relationships between their elements, creating awareness of coexisting forms of life.

The biomimetic inspiration in innovation projects highlights the commitment of entrepreneurship to sustainability. Within their actions they assume a perspective that takes the complex interrelationships that exist between various ecosystems into account and hence promote hybridization.

The BSI promotes the vision of nature as a guide and mentor for building a future based on sustainable progress and based on three basic principles:

  • Work, free from anthropocentrism, in pursuit of species consciousness.
  • Promotion of bio-inspired research from nature.
  • Facilitation and accreditation of the idea, design and development of biomimetic solutions.