Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI)

Pere Monràs

president BSI

“There is no other purpose than life..”

Founded in January 2018, the Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI) is a non-profit organisation that works in one of the most interesting new fields of the present time: biomimicry, or biomimetics. The BSI is one of the few institutions in the world that is dedicated to working in (and, indeed, towards) biomimicry full-time.

Biomimicry works in the research for innovative – and ancient – solutions to humanity’s current problems and issues. By observing natural functions, systems and processes we can create designs, materials and products of all kinds that are made to adapt to specific environments and find inspiration in what life has already tested. And all thanks to a number of vital evolutionary steps that have allowed nature to perfect its own designs!

Biomimicry promises to create a future that is innovative and sustainable at the same time. It is a view of the problems of human society that harnesses advances in science and technology for the benefit of humans, biodiversity and the ecosystems, that sustain all life.

Biomimetic inspiration in creative processes and innovation projects also underscores the commitment of companies and corporations to sustainability by including a perspective in their actions that takes into account the complex interrelationships between natural, economic and social ecosystems.

The BSI ensures the quality and consistency of these projects and provides advice on products, developments and research projects that meet these criteria.

Furthermore, does the BSI promote a vision of nature as a guide and mentor with the objective to build a future based on sustainable progress and based on the following three basic principles:

  • Work to improve humans’ quality of life in harmony with other living beings
  • Promotion of research that is driven by nature
  • Facilitation and accreditation of the concept, design and development of biomimetically inspired solutions


The principles of governance that encourage the Institute lead to a visible bioinspired model, based on preserving the harmony of a system in which all parties maintain a high level of interdependence. The Institute’s values, as a result, answer to the following model:

  • An awareness that we are, in fact, nature.
  • The generation of consistent links between ecosystems.
  • Respecting natural balances in our activities.
  • Being fully open and receptive in our activities and relationships.