Generating Educational Ecosystems

Proposal to create community in the environment of learning mathematics.

Generating educational ecosystems

Conclusions of the program at Espill School, Sep. 2018



In the following pages you can find a holistic and comprehensible model that integrates the various strategic lines defined throughout the Program and establishes three main areas of action.

From here it is developed what can be understood as the embryo of the Strategic Plan and the Action Plan in each of these areas. The most important thing is that all these actions maintain a correspondence of levels between what we want and how we want it, decided collaboratively manner based on the teams wishes (gathered in action) and shared values.

Understanding life, and understanding education for life as an ecosystem of relationships and interdependencies, helps us to realize that our existence is exceedingly social, nothing compatible with an anthropocentric and materialistic view of the world.

We therefore hope that the expectations associated with any journey we take, will be fulfilled in one way or another. Or at least, they generate the ability to ask us the right questions to keep moving.

All roads are open.

Some pages of the conclusions of the program:


The essence of the school’s educational project was expressed in a game defined, initially by the applicant’s loan and by the area of ​​contributions that subsequently enriched the team as a whole. In its final form it was defined as follows:

We want to spread the joy of learning,

in a peaceful space,

where life is the center of everything,

where energy flows in harmony,

with the abundance of reflection.

An open, inclusive and participatory place,

Where you can learn to think and feel,

where you can root and grow,

under the fine rain of love,

to build a fairer and more equitable society.