Link works of interest with knowledge of biomimetics.

We work with art centres and galleries to link works of interest with knowledge of biomimetics.

The transformation from an old model to a new one requires the involvement of  all sectors of society. That is why we organize cultural events to transmit this knowledge beyond the academic-scientific community, with activities of general interest to all audiences .

We have identified art and local territory as complementary elements of particular local interest. We collaborate with various cultural entities, such as art centres, schools, theatre organizations and other initiatives linked to the discovery of the Catalan territory.

Just as life has no other purpose than to live it, Espora 3C has no other purpose than to spread, fly in all directions and bear fruit in a great diversity of ecosystems.

Proyect Espora 3C

Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona – April 19, 2016

Biomimetics shows us that nature can offer us many lessons if we know how to ask the right questions and understand that we too are part of itThus, community insects inspire us with new forms of collaboration  and further does the survival mechanism of a plant show us how damaged neural tissues can be recovered.

Spores 3C is an invitation to transformation and individual commitment aimed at generating social impact through biomimetics.

The event is a creative synthesis of the learning that helix3c has acquired  in more than a decade of seminars, workshops and conferences. The inspiration of the thinking of the World Biomimetic Foundation is manifested in a tangible way in projects in the field of education, health, social action and culture.