BioSTEAM Educational Program

Learning focused on building a truly sustainable future.

BioSTEAM Educational Program


The Institute of Biomimetic Sciences aims to contribute to educational reform by promoting an ecosystem vision of learning focused on building a truly sustainable future. In this sense, the BioSTEAM program takes a first step in the field of science and technology, connecting it with bio-inspired models, strategies and patterns.

This bioeducation program, oriented from a natural decision making perspective, is being rolled out jointly with Sangaku and in collaboration with the Biomimicry Institute.

The awareness that in essence we are Nature and we cannot detach ourselves from the natural fact entails a change in values and attitudes that makes us rethink the current concept of material progress and invites us to take into account the impact of our activities from an ethical point of view , economic, environmental and social.

Where there is life there is intelligence

Nature teaches us that humans are not the measure of all things. For more than 3,800 million years, life has responded to countless problems, deploying adaptive solutions and strategies so that species can adapt and survive.

A new perspective is opened to learn about nature, surprising and tremendously significant, which shows us how organisms and ecosystems protect themselves, conserve energy or create extraordinary structures.

These are design lessons that we can apply in our daily lives.

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Study of nature as a source of inspiration for innovation and improvement of the quality of human life in order to build a sustainable future.