All areas of biomimetic research have the potential to find more effective innovations

and create more original and creative designs in each of their applications.

The Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI), founded in January 2018, is a non-profit foundation that works in one of the most interesting emerging fields of our time: biomimetics. The BSI is one of the few institutions in the world that focuses on biomimetics in all of its work.

Where there is life, there is intelligence

Nature is a great laboratory that surpasses us, in millions of years, optimizing solutions to countless problems. What does this evolutionary process offer us?

We propose a change in habit: instead of being passive subjects, let’s get into the habit of asking ourselves new disciplinary questions, which will guide us towards solutions that were previously veiled from our eyes.

What is biomimetics?

Biomimetics is bioinspiration, the articulation of a feeling of a species that connects us with our vital environment as a source of multiple knowledge. Therefore, this overcoming of anthropocentrism is a source of expansion of consciousness and knowledge, creating opportunities.

Accepting the idea that Homo sapiens is still in its adolescence, it suggests a relationship triangle whose vertices are the pretext (what is to be communicated), the context (the environment) and the text (what is communicated). Only by overcoming materialism and integrating intangible elements, we will obtain individual and social progress.


El modelo actual de debería reformularse como algo así como “¿Es sostenible el modelo actual de progreso, que es un eco de la Revolución Industrial?”

Se puede superar a través de formas regenerativas y transformadoras inspirándose en la evolución.

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