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Summer course 2021

course summer 2021 Biomimicry: A multidisciplinary proposal to face post-covid sustainability challenges Bio – Economy and business Business sustainability and circular economy 08-09 July 2021

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Severo Ochoa cofee talk

Charla café Severo Ochoa Today our president Pere Monràs had a talk for CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering). Our President Pere Monràs

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Conference for the biomimesis course

CONFERENCE FOR THE GETTING STARTED COURSE: “BIOMIMESIS: ECOCIVILIZATION CONSTRUCTION” 7-12 DECEMBER 2020. COBIJA, Pando Department. Plurinational Republic of Bolivia Presentation: Philosophy of Biomimetic Science and its application.

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Biomimetic thinking opens us up to our social environment

Pere Monrás