The people and entities that support BSI, with your donations, are part of the human team that has carried out the following projects:

Horizon 2020 Program

It is the largest scientific R & D & I program in the European Union (currently, the BSI focuses on the Horizon 2030 objectives).

Presented in 2020:

  • Micro and nanoplastics in our environment: understanding exposures and impacts on human health.
    Reliable and accessible information on cell and gene therapies.
  • FET Proactive : paradigms and emerging communities.

By January 2021 (zero impact platform):

  • Allow citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observational initiatives and civic engagement. 


Sangaku : educational project.

We have launched Sangakoo Maths , a free application to facilitate math classes for all students around the world ( ).   

Sangakoo Maths already has more than 8 million visits.  

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Dissemination of biomimetic science

We work on our own editorial line. 

We will publish our first book, recently written, “From error to amazement: the encounter between science and culture”. 

How to make your contribution?


Directly on the account of the Institute of Biomimetic Sciences (BSI) 

Specifying the name of the donor + ” donation in biomimetics”.  

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You can choose how you want to make your donation

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    Fiscal benefits

    As a Foundation registered in Spain, we offer tax advantages through the corresponding tax relief, according to Royal Decree Law 17/2020, of May 5, published in the BOE of May 6, 2020. 

    If you are a company

    You will be able to deduct 35% of the donation of the entire corporate tax quota, as a legal entity.

    If you are an individual

    You can deduct 80% of the first € 150 of donation from the full amount of the Personal Income Tax. For higher donations, 35% may be deducted.