Publications to Biomimetics


Yoseph Bar-Cohen (ed.)

A comprehensive guide that offers a broad perspective of nature-inspired developments, including evolutionary robotics, algorithmic genetics, molecular machines, nanomaterials and functional surfaces.


Janine Benyus

If chaos theory changed our view of the universe, biomimetics transformed our life on Earth, by learning from 3.8 billion years of research and development in the great laboratory since the first bacteria emerged.

Intel·ligència Vital

Jordi Pigem

A post-materialist view of life and consciousness. This book is a lucid invitation to a new way of understanding the vital fact.

Vital Intelligence connects the sciences of the mind with the new biology  andshows that everything alive is endowed with perception and sensitivity.

Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Best Practices

Dayna Baumeister

This book unites the two great principles of biomimetics: the theory behind the study of biomimetics, which arises from the vast abundance of animal and plant life on the planet, and an exemplary catalog of biomimetic applications in human practice.