Biothinking (Bioinspiration)

Try to establish a symbiotic relationship with nature

There is no other purpose than life.

Full awareness changes our perspective on progress and the fit we have in the world. Our future is to move beyond the dominant stage and establish a symbiotic relationship with nature.

Learning from nature places us in a new vital relationship plan, which allows us to recognize other languages ​​and accept the fact that we are only one of the many forms of  intelligence that have developed in the universe.


Strengthening the bond with nature entails a change in values, attitudes and purposes that guide human activity towards a future that reconciles our ethics, social progress and economic development.

Do these circumstances exist at the moment? Biomimetics offers us a meta-model to overcome obsolete conceptual frameworks and to respond to major global challenges and by that provides innovative solutions based on the study of vital patterns and the balance of ecosystems.

This new vision of human progress requires crucial reconciliation with science and technology that includes a governance model based on the generation of a universal consciousness of our species. We interpret the current systemic crisis as a valuable opportunity to move from representative democracy to democracy of complexity.