“Vortex Vital: Mind and Matter”

“Vortex Vital: Mind and Matter”  is an unique cultural proposal that merges art and science to invite us to think on what Life essentially is, from the microscopic to the cosmic level, and how careful observation of Nature gives us key clues to understand beyond matter.

This event that mixes word, thought and music, promotes the progress in parallel of Science and Consciousness as a fundamental element to build a truly sustainable future.

There is a new language for this new context, and here Biomimetics shows up as an innovative discipline that provide us a holístic vision of progress with respect for all living beings.

This event is organized by the Biomimetic Sciences Institute (BSI) with the collaboration of Barcelona Knowledge Hub of Academia Europaea (AE-BKH)




Date: May 14th,  2019

Horario: 6 pm to 9 pm

Place:  Institut d’Estudis Catalans c/ Carme, 47. 08001 Barcelona Sala Prat de la Riba, IEC

Language: Catalan

Limited capacity. Please confirm your assistance Kimberly Katte: barcelona@acadeuro.org, or tel. 93 270 17 27 (mañana).


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