Spores are resistant and have been created to spread with extreme ease. In the same way, the Biomimetic Sciences Institute aims to disseminate a bio-inspired vision in numerous and diverse areas so that vital principles can take root in society.

A set of thematic events are being held under the brand "ESPORA", all of which invite you to discover the world with brand new eyes, to reflect on our imbalances as a species and to build a respectful future for all living things, without exceptions.


"Decisions: la vida és risc", 12th of June.

A life is at stake, whether it is a single individual, a community or an entire planet. It doesn’t matter if everything is over in a nanosecond or if it will go on for eons. Among all the possibilities, life always chooses the most favorable option in its desire to keep alive. Now it's up to us. Are we aware enough of how we make our decisions? On June 12, 2018, we met at CCCB in a new spore of knowledge and reflection. Under the title "Decisions: Life is at risk", the assistants had to take risks and assess what is behind various behaviors and reflect on our profits and our losses from a human perspective, that being usually understood mentally and not vitally.

Previous ESPORA

This first ESPORA proposes, from the artistic language and emotions, to open perceptions and awaken the realization that we are all natural. Organized conjointly by the concept factory hèlix3c and the World Biomimetics Foundation, this event was the starting point for the creation of a community around biomimicry and the basis for the future Biomimetic Sciences Institute. Read more...

In the invisible school, we all become educational agents, and educational centers play a key role in activating this ecosystem. In ESPORA, specifically aimed at the education sector, several Bages schools participated to identify and collaboratively reflect on the main elements that could be an educational opportunity.

The vitality that works that have a well-established universal status transmit gives us a message that lasts in time and that, in this particular case, is expressed both with opera and poetry. It is not a matter of applying mental patterns, but of recognizing our own vital patterns in order to be able to incorporate them in all areas of our existence and to make it a coherent and responsible lifestyle.



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