We believe in an educational model that prepares students for real life and not just for professional development. Approaching a non-anthropocentric vision of the world through education helps us rethink our relationship with the environment and realize that, in the end, we are nature as well. As intrinsic parts of this ecosystem, every human action has an impact that must be assessed, understood and taken into account.

For this reason, our biomimetic proposal promotes a transversal education that does not dissociate the natural world from the humanity, science, and technology of life. We invite students to open their perceptions and to identify what are the vital principles that nature has designed to overcome all kinds of problems.

This measure will stimulate relational thinking, creativity and design skills from the perspective of bio-education. In short, an education that promotes values and attitudes that are compatible with the development of life.




BioSTEAM program

This educational program aimed at High School students (as known as ‘ESO’ in Spain) aims to promote their curiosity through exposing surprising examples present in nature, from which they can understand the natural principles that made them possible. From beetles surviving in the hardest deserts to the intelligent and adaptable behaviors of bees or the elegant design of the elephant's trunk, BioSTEAM connects in a transversal manner these lessons and shows how they can influence the human activity. Main features of the program:

  • Connecting science, technology, and biology from a transversal perspective.
  • Working in the format of concrete projects.
  • Bioinspired design thinking.
  • Teaching resources specifically in English.
  • An international network of teachers.
  • Collaborating with other schools around the globe.

This bio-education program, oriented from a natural decision-making perspective, is being deployed from the Institute of Biomimetic Sciences in conjunction with Sangaku and the pedagogical resources from Biomimicry Institute.



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