The institute

The Biomimetics Sciences Institute promotes the vision of nature as a guide and mentor for the construction of a future based on sustainable progress, according to three basic principles:

  • Working to improve people’s quality of life while respecting other living beings.
  • Promoting a new generation of research from nature.
  • Facilitating and accrediting the design and development of biomimetic inspired ideas and projects.

The biomimetic inspiration in creative processes and innovative projects, as well as providing a clear added value, highlights the commitment of companies and entities to sustainability by incorporating into their actions a perspective that takes into account the complex interrelations that occur between natural, economic and social ecosystems.

In this sense, the Institute watches over for quality and coherence within these projects, providing advice to products, development and research projects that meet these criteria.


Our values

The principles of governance that encourage the Institute lead to a visible bioinspired model, based on preserving the harmony of a system in which all parties maintain a high level of interdependence. Their values, as a result, answer to the following model:

  • Awareness that, essentially, we are nature.
  • Generation of consistent links between ecosystems.
  • Respecting natural balances in our activities.
  • Opening completely our activities and relationships.



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