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The Biomimetics Sciences Institute Foundation (hereinafter, BSI) uses cookies on the website (hereinafter, the website) to help improve the service of the user of the website (hereinafter, the User) by measuring the use and performance of the website as well as to optimize and personalize it.

Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record the activities of the User on a specific website. The first purpose of cookies is to provide the user with faster access to the selected services. In addition, cookies personalize the services offered by the website, facilitating and offering each user information that is of interest or that may be of interest, inattention to the use made of the services of the website.

Users registered on the website can benefit from more personalized services oriented to their profile, thanks to the combination of the data stored in the cookies with the personal data used at the time of registration. These users expressly authorize the use of this information for the indicated purpose, without prejudice to their right to refuse or disable the use of cookies.

Likewise, the website will be able to know all the services requested by the users, so that they can provide or offer information appropriate to the tastes and preferences of each user.

It is possible that the website contains links to other websites, in this sense BSI does not control the cookies used by these external websites. For more information about the cookies of third-party websites, we advise you to review your own cookie policies.

The current legislation requires us to request the user’s consent to be able to manage cookies. In case the User decides not to authorize its use, BSI would not store any cookies and only technical cookies would be used since without them it is not possible to browse the website. In case of continuing browsing the website and not denying the authorization, this activity will imply acceptance of its use.

The cookies used on the website are the following:


Cookie Description Duration Typo
lang Language preference: Used to remember which language the visitor chose in his session. 1 year Own
.Asp.Net.ApplicationCookie Authenticated user information, when the user wants the browser to remember its user. 2 weeks Own
__utma Identification of unique visitors: Used to register unique visitors for statistical and analytical purposes. 2 years Google (Analytic)
__utmb Determination of the visitor session: Google Analytics uses two cookies to establish a session. If one of these two cookies is missing, another activity initiates the beginning of a new session. 30 minutes Google (Analytic)
__utmc Determination of the visitor session: Google Analytics uses two cookies to establish a session. If one of these two cookies is missing, another activity initiates the start of a new session. Session Google (Analytic)
__utmz Registration of traffic sources and navigation: Used to record how you came to our website (by a Google search, a notice, etc.) and the routes that follow while browsing our site. We use this information to improve the user experience in future updates. 6 months Google (Analytic)


The user can restrict, block or delete cookies from the BSI website using their browser. In each browser the operation is different, then the links to the main browsers on how to make these modifications are provided:

In case of making changes in the configuration of cookies, BSI informs that it does not ensure the correct functioning of the different functionalities of the website.

BSI may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legislative or regulatory requirements, or with the purpose of adapting said Policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, therefore, users of the website are advised that the visit periodically.

When significant changes occur in this Cookies Policy, users will be notified either through the website or via email to registered users.

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