The progress of the economy in blue

Waste can become resources with the collective intelligence of the ‘bottom up’. When it arises, more sustainable solutions are provided.

Understanding how bees think and communicate

How do bees or ants work in communities without a leader? We can apply these models to our organizations to optimize the results.

Hybridization, our pending subject

Human beings still have difficulties to incorporate hybridization in our lives and, consequently, we have problems to self-regulate ourselves.

Discover a (very) natural chain of favors

Renouncing to the individual interest in favor of the general interest is an intelligent adaptive strategy. Altruism thus becomes a long-term investment.

Rediscovering the natural language

Nature is a great teacher and has the answers to many of our problems, but we make no effort to understand it. What if we start listening to nature?

Natural conflict resolution techniques

Routines derived from how we conceive work, family and society can generate conflicts in daily doses. Why not inspire us in natural wisdom to solve them?