From Paris to Beijing: six bioinspired monuments

Either for energy saving, social progress or pure architectural efficiency, many architects have used biomimetics to build emblematic monuments. These are 6 examples.

Enzyme that eats plastic: real change or utopia?

Which are the true dimensions of the discovery? Is this a revolution that will end plastic waste, or there is an inphundated collective euphoria?

Barcelona in 12 biomimetic spots

Barcelona is a very urbanized city, but there are still some natural spots that allow us to reconnect with nature. These are some of these biomimetic secret gems.

A new meaning for vital emptiness

Western science and philosophy face void with an entropic and negative vision. But rethinking it through Eastern optics will teach us a new vision of the world.

The biomimetic approach to medicine

The hegemonic discourses present humans as a kind of God that transcends nature, but the biomimetic approach shows that they are wrong.

The three E’s to build a new future

In the making of a project, the three E’s must be taken into account: efficacy (knowing what to do), effectiveness (doing it well) and efficiency (doing it with the minimum cost).