Nature for the survival of our species

The relationship between humans and the environment has long been an abusive one, leaving its signature footprint on the planet and spawning the consequences we all live today.

The hidden benefits of sourdough bread

Bread is a central food in human culture. Over time, our species has developed countless ways of producing it and integrating it into a broad variety of diets. But to what does it owe its success?

Biomimetics as a metamodel

The etymological origins of the biomimetic word refer to “imitate life”. Therefore, this word implies the concept that life has many aspects to be discovered.

What can we learn from polar bears fur?

The elegant coat that surrounds these polar plantigrees is composed by a set of extraordinary microstructures that could inspire our dress in the future.

Scientist for one day Curious forever!

Young researchers from Catalan schools solved scientific challenges linked to sustainable developing goals helped by the guidance of BSI.

Vòrtex Vital, conscienciousness beyond matter

Symbiotic visions about Life from Science and Art merge in the first joint event organized by BSI and BCN Knowledge HUB – AE