Biomimetic route in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very urbanized city, but there are still some natural points. These are some of these biomimetic secret gems.

A new meaning for vital emptiness

Western science and philosophy face void with an entropic and negative vision. But rethinking it through Eastern optics will teach us a new vision of the world.

The biomimetic approach to medicine

The hegemonic discourses present humans as a kind of God that transcends nature, but the biomimetic approach shows that they are wrong.

The three E’s to build a new future

In the making of a project, the three E’s must be taken into account: efficacy (knowing what to do), effectiveness (doing it well) and efficiency (doing it with the minimum cost).

Capital and knowledge: a chimera?

Is it possible to reconcile the differences between knowledge and capital and make both of them work for a mutual benefit that helps society to grow?

The mistake of not commiting mistakes

As children, we are told that we learn by getting hurt, but in maturity, we are punished for the slightest mistake. How do we have to face errors?