What can we learn from polar bears fur?

The elegant coat that surrounds these polar plantigrees is composed by a set of extraordinary microstructures that could inspire our dress in the future.

Scientist for one day Curious forever!

Young researchers from Catalan schools solved scientific challenges linked to sustainable developing goals helped by the guidance of BSI.

Vòrtex Vital, conscienciousness beyond matter

Symbiotic visions about Life from Science and Art merge in the first joint event organized by BSI and BCN Knowledge HUB – AE

What is the most valuable treasure on Earth?

“Clean water and Sanitation” is one of the United Nation’s goals to ensure access to safe water. Can fog harvesting help?

Zebras, ships and camouflage

The same biomimetic principle that allows zebras to avoid mosquito bites saved lives in submarine warfare.

Biomimetic medicine

The design of the shell of the leopard turtle suggested a brilliant solution for the oral administration of the insulin. A good example of how a bio-inspired perspective of medicine creates high-value transversal connections.