Vòrtex Vital, conscienciousness beyond matter

Jordi Carrasco


Have you ever tried to observe the whirlwind that is formed by emptying the water from the sink or the twists that it gives to the surface of a river when it is lying in between its stones? These rotating, often turbulent, spiral-like flows, like a funnel in fluid dynamics, are called a vortex.

Its rotating movement, almost hypnotic, suggests the movement and constant change that, however, maintains its form in a precarious dynamic balance.
Life, in large part, also responds to this same principle.

This is the metaphor from which the BSI, together with the Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea, has built “Vórtex Vital”, a unique cultural proposal that fuses art and science to invite us to reflect on what is essentially the Life, from the microscopic to the cosmic level, and as careful observation of nature brings us keys to understanding beyond the subject.

This act, in which word, thought and music are hybridized, promotes the parallel progress of science and consciousness as a fundamental element in building a truly sustainable future.

A prodigious symbiosis

Among the many ways in which life tries to organize chaos, entropy, for the benefit of its own existence, the symbiosis occupies a principal place as a form of cooperation between two organisms for its mutual benefit.
For this reason, symbiosis is a concept that will be well present in this act.

First of all, because the visions that will be exposed from science, in the figures of Ramon Margalef and John Lovelock represent a deeply holistic and symbiotic vision of living beings, to the point that the latter, creator of the Gaia theory and that this year celebrates its centenary, contemplates the whole planet as a living superorganism capable of self-regulating its physiological processes

Secondly, because the vision offered by Raimon Pannikar’s thought, expressed artistically by Lídia Pujol in the final part of this act, is again a hybridization, a symbiosis, between spirituality and science, between East and West, of diversity in uniqueness from this perspective, life is harmonic integration between opposites.

The need for a new context

Humans are sharing a historical uniqueness in which science and technology have brought us far more than ever to a level of progress that is profoundly changing our lifestyles, work styles and ways of organizing ourselves in the search for knowledge, economics, society and politics. All these advances require a high level of awareness and responsibility that is clearly not being given.



It is clear, then, that we need a new mental and vital framework that allows us to establish a new relationship between human beings and nature, more conscious, respectful and constructive. Faced with the need to "renaturalize" our lives, Biomimetics is presented as a new language that allows us to ask about Nature and get answers to questions that we have not yet done.

Now is the time to transversalize the various disciplines, to hybridize them, in an attempt to give new answers to complex questions without forgetting that this is a relational, quantum world, where each part is linked to the whole.

In response to this need, the Biomimetic Sciences Institute intends to contribute to the hybridization of this knowledge in all its areas where applicable and to the activation of collective recognition with proposals such as "Vortex Vital".

The event will take place on May 14 at 6 pm at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Prat de la Riba Room). At the end of the event, free of charge, a glass of cava will be served at the Baroque hanging Garden Mercè Rodoreda (1st floor of the IEC).

You can check the complete program here

All those who are interested in attending, please confirm your attendance at Kimberly Katte: barcelona@acadeuro.org, or by calling tel. 93-2701727 (morning).

Limited capacity.