There is no other purpose than life. Being fully aware of it changes our perspective on what we consider progress and the embrace that, as humans, we have in the world. Our future now happens to overcome a stage based on dominance and establish a symbiotic relationship with nature.

Learning from nature places us in a new relationship with vitality that allows us to recognize other languages that are not ours, and to accept the simple fact that we are only one of many forms of conscious intelligence that have been developed on the planet.




The awareness that we can not detach ourselves from nature involves a change of values, attitudes and intentions that guide human activity towards a truly sustainable future from an ethical, economic and social point of view. Biomimetics brings us, in this sense, a metamodel that allows us to overcome obsolete conceptual frameworks and respond to the contemporary global challenges, providing innovative solutions based on the study of natural patterns and the maintenance of cohesion and the balance of a broad variety of systems. This is a new vision of progress that will undoubtedly lead to great technical advances and a substantial improvement in the quality of life but that, above all, will entail a new governance model that will give meaning and purpose to all actions. The current systemic crisis must be interpreted as an opportunity that is open to us, as a species, to responsibly use our capacities and transcend the limits we have autoimposed. Fortunately, nature is here to help us.

When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world”. Janine Benyus