Biomimetics is a new language that allows us to confront nature so that we can solve our doubts since the most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to most of the human problems were created billions of years ago. Inspired by the strategies and successful models developed by life itself in its eagerness to be alive, we can discover a limitless potential to confront complexity from utmost simplicity.

Where there’s life there’s intelligence. We only have to learn how to translate the patterns of nature’s design into the human design in order to create the most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Human beings are intelligent individuals, but on a collective level we have created enormous problems that will affect future generations. Luckily, we can start solving them with the help of nature. By learning from her ancient knowledge, we will be able to conceive concepts, processes, and products that adapt well to life in the long term.


Biomimetics is the discipline that allows us to translate between the human design and the natural design. It is both a branch of science and a design methodology, however, it is also a stance towards nature, a way of assessing biodiversity and, above all, it means developing awareness about the importance of life.


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