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Where there’s life, there’s intelligence

Nature has millions of years of advantage to humans in developing the best solutions to millions of problems. That’s why it is much more useful to take advantage of all this potential than trying to overcome it.

Biomimetics is the transdisciplinary science that allows us to inspire ourselves in natural models and strategies to build a truly sustainable future.


What is biomimetics?

Biomimetics is a new language that allows us to ask nature. The most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to many of the human problems were created billions of years ago. Inspired by the strategies and successful models developed by life in its eagerness to be alive, we will discover an inexhaustible potential to face complexity from the utmost simplicity.

Biomimetic medicine

The design of the shell of the leopard turtle suggested a brilliant solution for the oral administration of the insulin. A good example of how a bio-inspired perspective of medicine creates high-value transversal connections.

Two minutes from midnight

We have never been so close to the global collapse. The world is much more complex than in the 1950s but we still have a margin to revert the process.