• Simplicity is always the most natural

    Bioinspired solutions

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    Educational projects

Where there’s life there’s intelligence

Nature is millions of years ahead of us when it comes to developing the best solutions to millions of problems. For this reason, to take advantage of all of this potential is far more beneficial than trying to overcome it.

Biomimetics is the transdisciplinary science that provides us inspiration from natural models and strategies in order to build a truly sustainable future.

What is biomimetics?

Biomimetics is a new language that allows us to ask nature. The most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to many of the human problems were created billions of years ago. Inspired by the strategies and successful models developed by life in its eagerness to be alive, we will discover an inexhaustible potential to face complexity from the utmost simplicity.

La ciència rere les decisions quotidianes

El passat 12 de juny va tenir lloc al CCCB la nova ESPORA del BSI. Sota el títol "Decisions, la vida és rsc", ens vam endinsar en com decidim i com calculem el risc de decidir.

Science without borders (nor age)

High school students from all over Catalonia participated in scientific challenges linked to water and life, accompanied by the Biomimetic Sciences Institute.